Saturday, April 7, 2012

1986 Magazine Article - Star Laser Force vs. Photon in Houston

Here is one of the very few magazine articles ever to be written about Star Laser Force. Written after the Houston Photon field opened, it describes both facilities fairly well.

Personally, I found Photon in its early days to be more like a theme park ride (complete with the long lines) and preferred the laid back Star Laser Force atmosphere.

Promotional Photo

Really bad black and white copy of two dark figures, silhouetted against a bright fog, each with a pistol blazing bright white light and surrounded by a rainbow star

This is, as I recollect, a photocopy of a photocopy of an official promotional photo for Star Laser Force.  

I'm looking for people who remember Star Laser Force, the very first laser tag in Houston, Texas and very likely the second the third laser tag facility on the entire planet.

If you remember SLF fondly... if you worked there... and most of all, if you have any photos, equipment, artifactsdocuments or ephemera related to Star Laser Force... please comment or drop me a note.  If you can part with these things or allow me to visit and document what you have, I'll pass them on to the Laser Tag Museum so that the world will remember Houston's pioneering contribution to laser tag.

I hope you enjoy the vintage material on this site!

Edit: Updated the link to the separate Museum web site.
Edit: Later determined to be the third laser tag facility to open.