Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm looking for people who remember Star Laser Force, the very first laser tag in Houston, Texas and very likely the second the third laser tag facility on the entire planet.

If you remember SLF fondly... if you worked there... and most of all, if you have any photos, equipment, artifactsdocuments or ephemera related to Star Laser Force... please comment or drop me a note.  If you can part with these things or allow me to visit and document what you have, I'll pass them on to the Laser Tag Museum so that the world will remember Houston's pioneering contribution to laser tag.

I hope you enjoy the vintage material on this site!

Edit: Updated the link to the separate Museum web site.
Edit: Later determined to be the third laser tag facility to open.


  1. contact my dad, Bill Lewis, he was the one who invented Star:

  2. I remember the staff letting us play our own selections of music when we had two full teams, Punk & Metal. Also recall people dressing in all black spandex and military type suits. Not us but the serious SLF crews.

  3. Well, great. It looks like I've found another blog that will occupy all my evenings for the next few weeks while I read through it all...