Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Star Laser Force T-shirt

Have you got one of these?

Picture of the elusive Star Laser Force T-shirt

If so, would you consider donating it to the Laser Tag Museum?  I'll be glad to pick it up from you if you're in the Houston area.


  1. I worked there for about a year. My job title was Master of Xenon which meant I ran the register and called the end of the game. "Xenon warriors, you game is over! Stop firing immediately and head to your ready room. I repeat STOP FIRING and return to your ready room. Do not remove you helmets until instructed to do so."

    I have so many stories about that place.

  2. I still have not located my shirt, but it will go to the museum when I do. I actually wouldn't mind a replica shirt to wear :). It would be fun explaining what it was. (I have a replica FLYNN's Ardade shirt based in the movie prop, from years before the Legacy sequel film came out and they made official ones.)