Sunday, March 6, 2016

Color brochure

The museum site posted a full-color scan of the Star Laser Force sales brochure from 1985, including a full-color copy of the promotional photo that I posted back when this blog first began. Now I can update my sidebar with a decent copy of this iconic image.

Inside a bi-fold black brochure with white text, color photo, and a map

This confirms the original pricing of $3 for a 7 minute game. (The play price was reduced in 1986, after the arrival of Photon in December 1985 ate into sales. According to the Gina Seay article, "member" pricing had fallen to $1.25 per game by summer of 1986.
Text of the brochure follows:

A fun game for all ages.
Star Laser Force is an exciting combination of Star Wars, cowboys and indians, and a high tech survival game all rolled into one. When you strap on your space fighting suit, grab your ray gun and step out onto the Planet Xenon™, you quickly leave the real world behind. As you chase the opposing team through the ramps, bridges and mazes of the Dark Planet™, you feel the excitement of being the hunter and the hunted, because . . .
You ARE the Game!™
Star Laser Force is a new game in Houston where you and your friends put on space suits and chase around in a darkened indoor maze and blast each other with ray guns while the computers in the suits keep score.
How much does it cost?
Each game (7 minutes) . . . . . . $3.00
Membership ID (required) . . . . $3.50
With this flyer, you get your first game FREE when you purchase your I.D. (You save $3.00). This offer not combinable with any Star Laser Force offer.
Sunday through Thursday 2:00 – 11:00
Friday and Saturday 2:00 – 1:00
Group rates and reservations available, phone 664-STAR.
Where Is It?
Star Laser Force is located just one mile south of the Galleria at 5810 S. Rice Avenue, just outside the loop. 

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